The Royal Oman Police: Useful Information for Visitors

The Royal Oman Police

The Royal Oman Police (ROP) is the main law enforcement agency in Oman. It does not only maintain law and order in the streets but is also responsible for the Omani coastline. 

The ROP as it is known today was founded in 1974 by Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said as part of his reform campaign.

International travelers can refer to the ROP when in need of:

  • Emergency assistance
  • Reporting a crime
  • Information regarding the Omani laws and some Omani visa procedures
In this article, visitors will find crucial information about the Royal Oman Police including when and how to contact them and instances in which foreigners may find themselves breaking the Omani law without knowing.

How Do I Contact the Police in Oman?

The Royal Oman Police is at the service of Omani nationals and international travelers alike.

Find below the address of the ROP:
Royal Oman Police Building
Sultan Bin Qaboos Street
Qurum, Muscat, Oman

Here are the phone contact details of the Royal Oman Police:

  • In an emergency, dial: 9999
  • For criminal investigation services, dial: 80077444
  • To report an extortion, dial: 80077444
  • For traffic services, dial: 24343999/ 98
  • For passport services, dial: 24512974/ 75
  • For customs services, dial: 24349000

The public relation office can be contacted via email at:

Royal Oman Police Visa Renewal for Foreigners

The ROP assists the Department of Immigration with a number of tasks, including the renewal of some visas, such as the residency visa. 

Moreover, certain types of long-term visas may require the holder to register with the ROP within a certain period of time upon arrival. Please contact the ROP for further details on this matter.

Not all visas are renewable. For those that are, the visa extension application process may vary (online or in-person, at the Royal Oman Police or through an embassy.) Travelers should refer to the nearest Omani embassy or immigration office for further information on the right visa for their circumstances.

How to apply for a visa renewal with the Royal Oman Police

The renewal application process varies depending on the type of visa and who submits the petition (some visas renewal may be requested by an employer, for example.)

  • The renewal application form, filled in all of its parts
  • Recent passport-sized photos
  • A valid and eligible passport
  • Copies of the supporting documents (i.e. proof of sponsorship, employment, university studies, financial statements, etc.)

Tourists should note that the Oman tourist eVisa application can be completed online in minutes so should they need to return to Oman in the future, they may find this option speedier and more convenient. Eligible travelers can apply for an online tourist visa unlimited times.
Apply for eVisa

Oman Police: Common Infractions when Traveling to Oman

Oman is a welcoming and tolerant country whose society appreciates the presence of foreign visitors. Even though many holidaymakers wonder about local habits and the right dress code for Oman, it is unlikely that a cultural faux pas will get a well-meaning tourist in trouble.

Oman is proud of its low crime rates and high safety record. An essential role in the achievement of these results is played by the Royal Oman Police, which is strict and swift in enforcing the law.

How much is a speeding fine in Oman?

The most common reason why foreign nationals may be stopped and fined is a traffic infraction. Many tourists decide to drive around Oman since the country is vast and this is the best way to explore it on a free and relaxed schedule while on holiday.

Omani highways are mostly straight and in great conditions, and streets are routinely patrolled by the police.

The speed limit on highways is 120 km/h (70 mile/hour) while in urban areas the limits are between 40 and 60 km/h (24 to 37 mile/hour.)A speeding fine will set the driver back between RO 10-50 depending on the specific circumstances.

Other common infractions in Oman

Western tourists may not be used to some Omani laws, especially those regarding religious regulations. Here are some example:

  • Pornography is completely illegal and cannot be imported
  • Drinking, selling, and buying alcohol is illegal without a license (the ROP can issue licenses to drink in one’s home to foreigners who live in Oman)
  • Not respecting Ramadan (as to say, drinking, eating, smoking, and playing loud music in public during daylight hours of Ramadan) can be punished by law

A visa overstay may also result in fines or even detention, and may jeopardize the traveler’s future chances of getting a new Omani visa.