Oman eVisa for Spanish citizens

Online Omani Visa Requirements as Spanish Citizen

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Spanish citizens can ask for an electronic visa to Oman, also called Omani tourist eVisa, directly with an online application form.

Since 2018, certain eligible countries -including Spain- have the possibility of obtaining a visa online, with the exception of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, who do not require a travel authorization to Oman.

The online application for an eVisa to Oman is the best option: secure, fast, and simple.

Do Spanish Citizens Need a Visa for Oman?

Spanish travelers do need a visa to enter Oman. It is a mandatory requirement to have a valid eVisa when landing in the country.

The Omani tourist eVisa has different options when applying: visitors from Spain can choose a single-entry authorization or the multiple-entry one.

Oman’s single-entry eVisa for Spain

The single-entry eVisa is a permit that allows its holders to remain in Oman for 30 consecutive days.

If applications from Spain enter Oman with a single-entry online visa and then exit the country, they would need a new tourist eVisa to Oman to re-enter the nation.

Omani multiple-entry electronic visa for Spanish citizens

The multiple-entry visa allows Spanish applicants to enter Oman as many times as they want for one year.

Each time Spanish travelers enter the country, they can stay up to 30 days. After one year, the eVisa is no longer valid and applicants from Spain must request another one in case they want to enter Oman again.

This travel authorization fits Spanish nationals who visit relatives in Oman frequently or who have business affairs, like meetings or conferences.

In any case, the requirements and documentation are the same for both visa types.

Every foreign visitor must bring their eVisa, including minors. If a Spanish family is preparing a trip to Oman, each member must have the eVisa, which is personal and non-transferable.

Required Documents for Getting the Oman Visa for Citizens of Spain

According to the general requirements to get an eVisa to Oman, Spanish nationals must:

  • Have a valid Spanish passport with a validity date of 6 months or more from the date of arriving in Oman
  • Have an active email account
  • Have a return flight and accommodation details (the address where to stay in Oman)

Regarding the required documentation, apart from the ones listed above, Spanish must present a copy of the biographical passport page and a digital picture in ID size. These documents can be submitted in PDF or JPG format.

If the Oman government needs more documents, they will send an email to the applicants with a list.

Spanish nationals do not need to present a vaccination record or medical reports. However, it is advised to visit a doctor prior to the journey.

Oman’s eVisa Application Form for Spanish Citizens

The online visa application form to Oman is very simple and it does not require more than a few minutes.

Nationals of Spain can access online with a link from any of the following devices:

  • Laptop
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Desktop

The applicant should check if the internet is working correctly and start the application with the registration of an email address. The email must work and be able, as all the process is online and the communications are done via email.

After the email’s registration, Spanish applicants must answer some questions regarding general data, as their names, addresses, and age. The passport information such as passport number and validity date must be given, too.

After these general questions, the Sultanate of Oman can ask about the Spanish applicants’ behavior; for example, if they have criminal records or law problems.

Once applicants have answered all the questions, they must pay the eVisa fee. The payment can be done with a credit or debit card.

After having paid the eVisa fee, Spanish applicants will receive a confirmation email with an activation link to submit the required documents.

Once the information has been submitted, the Omani government checks all the applications and, in less than 24 hours, sends an email with the approved eVisa attached.

The Omani eVisa must be printed. It is highly recommended to print more than one copy.

Apply for Oman eVisa

Traveling From Spain to Oman: What to Prepare?

The best way to arrive from Spain to Oman is by plane. A direct flight takes around 19 hours, so it is normal to take flights with some scale.

Once Spanish travelers have arrived in Oman, they have to pass the Omani border controls and present the documentation, which with the eVisa is simple and fast.

Oman is very secure and visitors can enjoy without worries the country’s landscapes and the Omani UNESCO World Heritage sites.

It is also important to know the customs and dress codes in Oman.