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The Sultanate of Oman has now introduced an online Oman eVisa system enabling citizens of certain countries to apply for the required travel authorizations to travel to the country. This measure has been undertaken to encourage travel to the Gulf nation using modern technological tools for safer and more convenient travel experiences. Currently, the Oman eVisa is open to citizens of a select group of eligible countries. Citizens from non-eligible countries must apply for an Oman visa from a local Omani embassy or consulate prior to traveling to the country.

Do Singaporean Citizens Need a Visa for Oman?

Singapore is on the list of countries whose citizens can apply for the Oman eVisa in order to visit the country. The Oman eVisa is appropriate for short trips to the country of 30 days for business or tourism related ventures. The application process for the Oman eVisa is online and can be completed in a few minutes if the applicant has all the documents on hand. The Oman eVisa application process also enables individuals to submit documents at a later stage should they need some time to gather the necessary documents together.

Oman eVisa for Singaporean Citizens

For Singaporean travellers interested in visiting Oman for longer durations, a variety of Oman visas are available. Each Omani visa category comes with its own set of requirements that must be met before applying for the visa. Travelers should, therefore, study these requirements carefully and make arrangements to satisfy them in order to successfully apply for the visa.

Documentation Required for the Omani eVisa

The Sultanate of Oman requires that all eligible applicants of the Oman eVisa meet the following basic requirements before beginning the application process:

  • Having a passport from an eligible country
  • The passport must have a validity of at least 6 months from the intended date of departure from Oman
  • A valid email address to receive updates regarding the pending Oman eVisa application
  • A debit or credit card approved for online transactions


There might be additional documents that Singaporean citizens are required to submit as part of completing the application process as well. Since such documents vary by nationality it is best to begin the application process once the basic requirements have been fulfilled and provide documentation when prompted during the application process.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Visa for Oman from Singapore?

After submitting a complete Oman eVisa application, travelers can expect to receive their eVisa securely via the email they provided on the application form. In some cases, processing delays may occur especially if there are errors discovered in the application during review. Therefore, travelers should consider applying for the Oman eVisa ahead of time to account for any processing delays that may occur and to ensure they receive the eVisa in a timely manner.

Once the Oman eVisa has been received, Singaporean travelers will need to prepare the following documents to take with them for their trip to Oman and present them to Omani authorities when prompted:

  • A printed copy of the Oman eVisa
  • A valid Singaporean passport
  • Proof of accommodations in Oman for the duration of the traveler’s stay in the country
  • Proof of onward travel from Oman at the conclusion of the trip or the maximum allowable length of stay whichever comes first.


The Oman eVisa can be obtained either as a single entry or multiple entry eVisa. Travelers will be able to see the number of entries allowed listed on the eVisa itself along with the maximum allowable length of stay.

Apply for an Omani eVisa from Singapore

In order to apply for an Oman eVisa, Singaporean travelers will have to fill out an online application with their personal, passport and other travel details. Travelers must ensure that the information they provide on the Oman eVisa application form matches the information shown on their passport and is free of errors. False, misleading or erroneous information can cause processing delays and may even lead to a denial of eVisa. Applicants will be sent a link to the pending application once the eVisa application has been initiated to update or review as needed before a completed application can be submitted for review.

Singaporeans who hold dual nationalities or multiple nationalities will need to apply for the Oman eVisa with the passport they intend to travel with as the eVisa will be digitally associated with that passport. Only the passport associated with the eVisa can be used to enter Oman.

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Travelers from Singapore will be able to review the information they have entered on the form to ensure it is accurate before submitting it for processing. They will also be required to pay an online processing fee using a valid debit or credit card to complete the application process. Once the payment has cleared, processing can begin on the information presented in the Oman eVisa application form