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Russians in need of the Oman tourist visa can benefit from an eVisa, which is a new electronic travel authorization introduced by the Omani government. Since the country is experiencing a surge in visitors from around the world eager to discover all the country has to offer, the Oman eVisa is perfect for travelers from Russia looking for a trip with leisure purposes.

This quick and simplified online application system completely eliminates the need to go to a physical Omani embassy or consulate and significantly reduces processing times.

Do Russians Need a Visa to Visit Oman?

Yes, the Oman visa for Russian citizens is required together with a valid Russian Federation passport in order to be granted entry to Oman.

Fortunately, the process is very simple. Once the required documents are prepared and the online application is filled in and submitted, the Oman Tourist Visa should be approved in no time.

To obtain the Oman tourist visa, Russians planning to visit the country must first complete the online application form which has been set up to facilitate the process for visitors who wish to enter the country.

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Oman Electronic Visa: Documents Required From Russia Citizens

There are a few Oman visa requirements for citizens of Russia that need to be met before beginning the online application process. Ensuring all the requirements are respected will guarantee that the process is fast and stress-free.

In order to properly complete the application form the below documents are necessary for all Russian citizens planning on visiting Oman:

  • Personal details: full legal name, date of birth as well as contact information. It is vital to check all information to avoid potential errors
  • The applicant’s valid Russian Federation passport, which must have a minimum of 6-month validity from the time of entering Oman. The passport data entered must match that shown on the document
  • A clear and recent digital photo of the visitor will need to be submitted and must not be larger than 512 KB
  • A valid email address is required to ensure that all correspondence and documents are received by the applicant. Note that once the online visa is approved it will be sent to this email address and must be printed out
  • In order to process payment for the non-refundable fee, a valid credit or debit card is required

Travelers from Russia are also advised to be informed about the required vaccines to enter Oman as well as the existence of certain dress codes for visitors who arrive in Oman.

Types of Oman Visas for Visitors From Russia

There are a number of Oman tourist visa types depending on the duration of the visitor’s stay. Russians nationals planning to visit Oman can choose from the following visas:

  • 30-day single-entry visa
  • If tourists prefer more flexibility, the multiple-entry visa is valid for 1 year and offers a total sojourn of 30 days in the country
  • Russian nationals legally residing in one of the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries (GCC) (these countries include Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE) can purchase a 28 days single-entry visa


Oman eVisa Processing Times for Russians

To ensure the online application process for the Oman tourist visa for Russian nationals is completed correctly, check for any mistakes and confirm all requirements are met.

This way, issues will be avoided when arriving at a port of entry in Oman. At the same time, a complete and accurate application prevents the reviewing process to be delayed.

Once the eVisa form has been submitted, the applicant will receive the electronic visa in their email inbox in less than 24 hours. However, Russians are advised to put in their request a few days in advance in case further information is required.

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