Oman eVisa for Portuguese citizens

Online Omani Visa Requirements from Portugal

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The Sultanate of Oman has incorporated in 2018 a new visa generation platform, which is called the electronic tourist visa or eVisa to Oman.

Portugal is one of the eligible countries that can apply to obtain this travel authorization. The process is online and it does not require more time than a few minutes.

It is not necessary to take a previous appointment on the Omani embassy and the eVisa is ready in 24 hours.

Do Portuguese Nationals Need a Visa for Oman?

Portuguese nationals must bring an eVisa to Oman. It is not allowed to enter in Oman without a visa for any country, with the exemption of the GCC countries.

The eVisa is necessary for everyone, including minors. On a family trip, children must present their eVisa like an adult.

Tourist Omani eVisa for Portugal

The tourist electronic visa to Oman offers several options for Portuguese applicants:

  • An online visa on a single-entry basis for 30 days. This is the best option for Portuguese citizens visiting the country for leisure purposes
  • A multiple-entry permit with one-year validity. Each entry can be for a maximum of 30 days. This is dubbed the best alternative for nationals of Portugal who visit family or have brief business visits in Oman
  • A single-entry visa for a total of 28 days. This option is only available for those Portuguese nationals with a permanent residence permit of a GCC country

Tourists from Portugal arriving in Oman because of a transit flight, and having no more than 6 hours to visit it, are not required to obtain an eVisa. The same situation applies to Portuguese tourists arriving by ship.

Requirements to Enter Oman With an eVisa From Portugal

Portuguese citizens who have the following requirements to apply for an Omani eVisa will be eligible to obtain the permit:

  • To have a valid Portuguese passport with 6 months’ validity since the departure date and at least two blank pages
  • To submit a copy of the biographical passport page
  • To deliver the applicant’s digital picture in ID, passport-size in PDF or JPG format
  • To have an active email address where they can receive the eVisa to Oman
  • To have a credit or debit card with sufficient funds to pay the processing fee
  • To provide information about accommodation and stay in Oman such as hotel address and flight return date

Depending on any individual case, the Omani government can ask for more documents. In any case, with the link provided, a list of each document that needs to be submitted will appear.

Portuguese nationals do not need to provide medical reports or vaccine records before entering Oman. Just in case the government requires them.

How Can Portuguese Nationals Apply for an Omani Visa?

The online application form to obtain an eVisa to Oman is very simple as travelers from Portugal can fill the form at their homes.

In general, there are a few personal questions that need to be answered in addition to details about the Portuguese passport and other security information regarding the applicant’s criminal history, if any.

Is it highly advised that nationals of Portugal verify and double-check all the content provided since a mistake or lack of information can cause an Omani eVisa rejection.

Once all this information is given, Portuguese applicants have to pay the eVisa fee. The payment method allowed is by credit or debit card. All the security measures are guaranteed.

Once the payment has been completed and confirmed, the application will be processed. The final decision about approving or not an eVisa will be taken during the following hours or days. In any case, a confirmation email will be sent. If the online visa to Oman is granted, then the travel document will be attached in PDF format.

The eVisa to Oman must be printed by Portuguese passengers, who should bring it together with their original passport on the day of the trip.

Apply for Oman eVisa

Processing time for Portuguese applying for an Omani eVisa

The application process is fast. In less than 24 hours the approved eVisa is usually sent to the Portuguese applicants’ email. However, it is best to apply with enough time to avoid any inconveniences.

As the Omani government checks each application form, the processing times to obtain an Omani eVisa from Portugal can vary and it can provoke delays.

Trip From Portugal to Oman: How to Prepare

Portuguese citizens can fully enjoy their Omani trip if they inform about some cultural customs. For example, it is interesting to know the importance of the dress code in Oman in certain circumstances.

If Portuguese passengers want to drive in Oman, they should be aware of the local rules and regulations, even though it is rather secure to drive in Oman.

If Oman’s capital is not the only city that Portuguese visitors want to explore, the following guide for Salalah, the second biggest city in the country, can help.

Oman is a safe and important place, so tourists from Portugal must not be worried about their security in the country.