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Online Omani Visa Requirements as Filipino Citizen

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Certain travelers from the Phillippines looking to visit Oman are now able to do so by following a simple, straightforward visa acquisition process, provided that they meet particular requirements.

The Omani eVisa system for tourists modernized the visa application process by moving the entire procedure online. By removing the necessity to visit an Omani consulate or embassy, tourism officials have made it easier for Filipino passport holders to gain permission to enter Oman.

The entire process is fast and secure, and by carefully following these steps, Filipino travelers will be well on their way to visiting Oman.

Do Filipino Passport Holders Need a Visa for Oman?

Yes, each and every Filipino passport holder must have their own visa before they enter Oman. Currently, Filipino nationals are only eligible for a tourist visa to Oman if they live in a GCC country through a permanent residence. Fortunately, the entire process is easy and straightforward and can be completed online in a matter of minutes.

Oman eVisa for Filipino Citizens

Although there is no longer any need to gather documents to send through the email or take to officials at a consulate or embassy, each traveler from the Philippines who intends on visiting Oman must be prepared to present personal documents and information during the application process.

Read on to find out more about which documents and information are needed.

Required Documents & Conditions to Get an Oman eVisa From the Philippines

There is not an overwhelming amount of documentation or information that Filipino passport holders are required to present during the application process.

However, it is important that travelers pay close attention to what is asked of them, as any wrongly entered information while filling out the application form, or any missing document could result in the rejection or delay of the issuing of the eVisa.

The following is a list of what is required of each traveler (Omani’s eVisa entry requirements):

  • A valid Filipino passport. The passport must have at least six months of validity from the date the traveler intends on entering Oman
  • A digital copy of the Filipino passport information page
  • A recent passport-sized photograph that complies with Omani guidelines. The photo can be uploaded following the submission of the application form. It must be uploaded digitally
  • A valid debit or credit card. There is a non-refundable application fee that accompanies each submission. It must be paid online beforehand and cannot be paid at the Omani border
  • A current email address. The Omani eVisa is issued via email.

It is important that Filipino travelers check their spam folder if they are expected response and have not heard back.

Oman Online Visa Application Form for Filipino Citizens

The Omani eVisa application form for Filipino nationals wishing to visit the country asks that each traveler provide Omani officials with basic personal information. This information must match the accompanying documentation or there could be problems with the eVisa.

Below is a list of what each Filipino applicant can expect to be asked while filling in their application form:

  • First and last name as it is written on your passport
  • Place and date of birth
  • Date of issue and expiration date of the passport
  • Current place of residence

Note: if Filipino applicants have dual nationality, they must double-check they are using the same passport for the entire process, including when they travel to Oman.

Omani eVisa options available for the Philippines

There is only one type of Omani tourist eVisa that is available to Filipinos who wish to visit Oman. This means that the other single- and multi-entry visa options that Oman offers to citizens of many other countries are not available to Filipino passport holders. Fortunately, there is still one option for those Filipino nationals who are already residing in the Gulf region:

A single-entry visa that allows Filipinos holding a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) residence permit to stay in Oman for up to 28 days.

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Final Steps Before Traveling to Oman From the Phillippines

Once the application has been received by the Omani border authorities, Filipino nationals can expect a quick turnaround time. Typically, responses come back after 24 hours, though in some instances replies can take longer. As always, it is best to apply with sufficient time to avoid any issues.

After Filipinos receive their eVisa via email, they are advised to print out a hard copy and take it with them as they travel. Border authorities will ask to verify that their information matches their own.

Each traveler from the Philippines should also print out the following documents:

  • A digital scan of their passport information page
  • Proof of onward travel leaving Oman before their eVisa expires
  • Proof of accommodation for their time in Oman

These documents must be enough to assure a safe, hassle-free journey from the Philippines to Oman.