Oman eVisa for Egyptian Citizens

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Oman eVisa for Egypt

The Oman eVisa is now available to citizens of certain countries, which include Egypt.

The eVisa for Oman is an electronic travel authorization that allows eligible travelers to visit Oman for a set period of time. This document can be easily obtained as the entire application process is online, eliminating the need for Egyptian travelers to visit a local Omani embassy or consulate in order to do so.

This electronic travel authorization, available for Egyptian citizens, is appropriate for short stays in the country for tourism and business purposes.

Do I Need a Visa to Oman From Egypt?

Egyptian citizens are required to obtain a visa in order to visit Oman. The Omani Sultanate offers a tourist electronic visa to Egyptian citizens, which can have a single-entry or multiple-entry mode for stays no longer than 30 days in the country.

Egyptian travelers should carefully study the respective set of conditions and prerequisites for their visas to ensure they have all the necessary documentation, as well as apply with enough time to receive a timely response before their visit to the country.

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Omani eVisa Requirements for Egyptians

To successfully obtain the Oman eVisa, travelers from Egypt will need to fulfill the following basic Omani visa entry requirements:

  • Having an Egyptian passport with a validity of 6 months or more beyond the intended date of departure from Oman
  • A valid email address to receive updates about the Oman eVisa application
  • A valid debit/credit card in order to pay the online processing fee
  • In the case of Egyptians, they will also need a Residence Permit for a GCC Country (Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates)

There might be additional supporting documentation required from nationals of Egypt as part of completing the online Oman eVisa application.

Since the Oman eVisa application allows applicants to upload documents after creating the initial application, Egyptians are afforded some time to gather the necessary documents for submission.

Care must be taken while completing the Oman eVisa application to ensure only the most accurate details are being entered on the form. Otherwise, applicants of Egypt may be risk processing delays or having their visa application denied on the basis of incorrect or erroneous information submitted.

How Can Egyptian Citizens Apply for an Omani eVisa?

Applying for the Oman eVisa is quite simple and can take a few minutes to complete the entire application, provided the Egyptian applicant has all the necessary documentation on hand.

The online Oman eVisa application requires applicants to provide personal, passport, and other travel details along with the intended date of arrival in Oman.

Once all the information has been entered and thoroughly checked for any errors, Egyptian travelers can then pay the online processing fee using a valid debit/credit card before submitting the application for review.

They will be sent a link via the email they provided on the Oman eVisa application form which they can use to upload any additional documentation that may be required at a later time.

It is best practice to complete the application as early as possible to allow the processing to take place so that the traveler can receive the Oman eVisa in time for their trip to Oman.

Oman eVisa for Egypt

Once the Oman eVisa has been securely received, travelers will need to prepare the following documents to take with them to the Omani border for entry into the country:

  • A print-out of the Oman eVisa
  • A passport from an eligible country. It should be the same passport that was used to apply for the Oman eVisa
  • Proof of accommodations in Oman
  • Proof of onward journey after departure from Oman

Oman eVisa: Processing Times for Egyptians

After the applicant submits the Oman eVisa application, the processing can take up to 24 hours to be completed. In some instances, it may take longer than that especially if national holidays or weekends interfere. Therefore, travelers from Egypt are encouraged to apply for the Oman eVisa ahead of time in order to ensure they would not encounter any processing delays.

Egyptian nationals who hold dual or multiple nationalities must apply for the Oman eVisa with the same passport that they intend to travel with as the Oman eVisa will be digitally associated with that passport.

The number of entries allowed and the maximum length of stay for the applicant will be listed on the Oman eVisa application.

Oman Visa on Arrival for Egyptian Travelers

Egyptians thinking of obtaining a visa on arrival (VoA) for Oman are advised to apply for an eVisa instead since the VoA is in process of being eliminated from Omani border controls.

The new electronic system functions as a modern, more convenient way of accessing Oman without having to present documents and paying processing fees once passengers arrive at the airport or other ports of entry.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that Egyptians avoid risking their trips to Oman and prefer completing the online eVisa form.