Oman eVisa for Czech Citizens

Online Oman Visa for Visitors From the Czech Republic

Oman eVisa Application
Czech nationals visiting Oman can do so with the Oman eVisa. This online visa acquisition program is a streamlined and efficient process introduced in 2018 by the Omani authorities. It is an optimal solution for tourists from over 100 countries worldwide to submit an application and receive an eVisa entirely online.


The eVisa facilitates the application of a travel permit to visit Oman. It removes the need to make a personal appointment at an Omani embassy or consulate building, saving time and money for Czech tourists.

Oman eVisa Requirements for Czech Citizens

Before the application process begins, Czech applicants will have to meet the following Oman eVisa requirements:

  • A Czech passport with six months or more of remaining validity from the date of entry into Oman
  • A digital passport-type photograph (applicants can submit the picture at any time during the application process)
  • A digital scan of the passport information page
  • An email address for registration, communications, and for the eVisa to be issued
  • A credit or debit card to pay the visa processing fees

Citizens of the Czech Republic who do not have a passport for 6 months or more on the date of their expected arrival in Oman should renew it before commencing the application form. Once they confirm they meet these requirements, they can continue to fill in the Oman eVisa application form.

Czech nationals with dual citizenship should bear in mind that the passport they will use in the application form should be the same as the one they will use when arriving in Oman. The eVisa is an electronic travel authorization that is automatically linked to that specific passport and is not transferable between one document and another.

Proceeding with the application process, Czechs will have to submit the following information:

  • Full name as it appears on the passport
  • Place and date of birth
  • Home address
  • Nationality
  • Passport number, date of issue, and expiration date
Oman eVisa for Czech Citizens

Czech applicants should take care not to enter any of the above information incorrectly. It could severely delay their Oman eVisa. It is imperative to double-check each reply and avoid any future issues.

Oman Tourist eVisa for Czech Citizens

Czech nationals should bear in mind that this online visa does not include entry permits for citizens who need to travel to Oman for business or medical reasons. The Oman Tourist eVisa allows entry into the country for leisure and relaxation only.

There are a few different types of tourist visas that Czechs are eligible for, depending on the amount of time they want to stay in Oman combined with the number of entries they require.

Single-entry Oman eVisas for Czech tourists

There are three single-entry visas that Czech passport holders may be eligible for:

  • A single-entry visa that is valid for up to 30 days
  • A single-entry visa that is valid for up to 28 days. This visa is only available to Czech citizens who hold current residency in any of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries (Saudi Arabia, UEA, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain).

Czech visitors who arrive in Oman with any of these single-entry visas must consider that they will need to apply for a new eVisa to be allowed back in once they leave the country.

Multiple-entry Oman eVisa for Czech visitors

The multiple-entry eVisa is available for Czech travelers and is valid for up to one year. It covers multiple visits to Oman, provided each stay does not exceed 30 days.

Processing Time for The Oman eVisa from The Czech Republic

Following the submission of an application from Czechs, Omani officials usually reply within 24 hours. However, it is best to apply at least a week before traveling to ensure that any visa evaluation delays do not affect the trip.

As a side note, it is highly recommendable for applicants from the Czech Republic to check their ‘spam’ folder in their mail inbox to ensure no correspondence between them and the Omani authorities are left unattended.

What Documentation do Czechs Need to Enter Oman?

Once granted, Czech visitors should print the Oman eVisa to display at border controls and carry it with their passport plus other travel documents. Tourists are usually required to present a hard copy of their eVisa upon arrival at passport controls.

All in all, Czech citizens should bring the following documents alongside their passport when entering into Oman:

  • Printout of the eVisa
  • Proof of onward travel from Oman. Each visitor, taking into account the duration of their visa, must provide border authorities with evidence that they will be departing Oman within their allotted period
  • Proof of accommodation bookings for the duration of their stay in Oman
  • A printout of a digital scan of the passport information page

Czechs can reach Oman by land, air, and sea. They should follow the specific rules and customs regulations for Oman applicable to their port of entry.

Additionally, visitors from the Czech Republic may be required to present sufficient funds to cover their stay in Oman.

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Oman eVisa extensions for Czech visitors

As mentioned above, Czech tourists should plan their stay in Oman within the allocated time on their eVisa. Nevertheless, those wishing to prolong their stay can request an extension of their Oman eVisa, provided it is a single-entry visa. Multiple-entry eVisas are not extendable.