Oman eVisa for Croatian citizens

Online Omani Visa Requirements as Croatian Citizen

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Croatians looking to visit Oman are now able to do so without having to visit their local embassy or consulate since there is an electronic travel authorization available.

Over 4 million international tourists visit Oman each year, and tourism officials expect that trend to continue. As a result, Omani tourism officials have launched the Omani eVisa, which is an online visa application system available to Croatian passport holders, among other countries.

Read on to find out exactly what this new system requires.

Do Croatians Need a Visa to Visit Oman?

Yes, Croatian citizens are required to have a visa before they enter Oman. Which kind of visa they get is dependent on a variety of factors, most notably how long they will be in Oman, where they are currently residing, and the reasons for their trip.

In any case, the application process for each type of visa will be relatively the same, so each traveler from Croatia should simply select the visa option that best matches their needs.

Oman eVisa for Croatians

Omani visa options available for Croatian passport holders

Croatian passport holders have the option to apply for a variety of Omani eVisas depending on how many times they wish to enter Oman and how long they wish to stay.

There is also an option for Croatian nationals who are current permanent residents of any of the other Gulf Council Countries (GCC), of which Oman is also a member.

Croatians must note the rest of the GCC countries are Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

If a Croatian does hold a residence permit to one of those countries, then they are eligible to apply for a single-entry Omani visa that lasts up to 28 days.

The other single-entry visa options for non-GCC residents are for 30 days.

The only Omani multi-entry visa option for Croatian nationals lasts one year and allows for multiple stays of 30 days throughout the year.

Omani eVisa Requirements for Croatian Nationals

There are several requirements that each Croatian national must meet to successfully apply for an Omani tourist eVisa.

The process is entirely online, and involves having into consideration a list of Oman’s eVisa entry requirements that must be fulfilled by Croatian travelers:

  • A Croatian (or other eligible nationality) passport with a minimum of six months of validity remaining from the date of entry into Oman
  • A digital scan of the passport information page uploaded with the application
  • A digital photograph in the style and size of a passport photograph
  • A current email address as all of the correspondence throughout the entire process will be completed through email
  • A debit or credit card to pay the visa application fee, which is non-refundable

It is also advisable to prepare other documents upon arrival in Oman, such as a hard copy of the electronic visa, as well as proof of onward travel before the expiration of the visa, and proof of hotel reservations.

With all these conditions met, Croatians can initiate their application to obtain the Omani online visa.

How Can Croatians Apply for an Omani e-Visa?

Once the required documents have been gathered, the application form to obtain an Omani eVisa should be filled out carefully and submitted. The application asks basic information questions about the Croatian applicant.

Although this form was designed to be as simple and straightforward as can be, all information must be double-checked before submitting it. If there are any inconsistencies or incorrect details, there is a high chance that the application will be delayed or even rejected and a new application (including application fee) will have to be made.

Croatian applicants can be expected to provide the following details during the completion of the application form:

  • Full name as it appears on the passport information page
  • Passport number
  • Passport date of issue and expiration date
  • Nationality
  • Current place of residence

Also, some security questions will be made, for instance, if the national from Croatia has any criminal record or relevant health problem that needs to be informed.

Apply for Oman eVisa

Croatians: what to expect after applying for the Omani eVisa

After submitting the application, Croatians can expect a fast response. As part of the revamped visa system, Omani tourism officials intend on granting eVisas to successful applicants in just 24 hours. In some cases, there are delays so it is still advisable that Croatian passengers apply with plenty of time before their intended departure date.

Upon receiving the eVisa via email, travelers from Croatia should print out a hard copy of the visa and carry it with them along with other important travel documents to the Omani border.

The reason to ask for all of these supporting documents after the visa has been granted is so the Omani border officials can guard against fraud. Although not everyone will be asked to provide these documents, it is always best to be overly prepared to avoid unnecessary hassle.