Print the eVisa of Oman for border control

print oman evisa

Many foreign travelers granted an Oman eVisa are confused by the fact that it is an electronic travel authorization. Oman eVisa stands for Oman electronic visa. Upon your application the automatic system will screen your authorization to determine whether you are admissible in Oman.

The Omani electronic visa is digitally linked to a citizen’s passport. Nevertheless, tourists may be wondering whether they need to print out their Omani electronic visa knowing it is electronically associated to their passport. The truth is that it is not mandatory to carry a printed out Omani eVisa and we will explain why.

Is it obligatory to print out my Omani online visa?

It is not obligatory to print out the PDF document you will receive once you have been granted an online visa. Nevertheless, it is still recommended that foreign travelers visiting Oman carry a paper copy of their electronic visa in case an immigration officer should request it upon their arrival in the country.

Do I need a printed copy of the Omani eVisa?

Foreign citizens planning to travel to Oman are required to apply for a visa in order to enter the country. Requesting an electronic visa can be done online from the comfort of your home or office and takes no more than a few minutes. Oman visa requirements are quite simple and straightforward.

Online application for the eVisa requires travelers to submit their personal information such as their full name, passport number, country, date of issuance and expiration in order to process their application.

Passport holders from eligible countries who are granted an approved eVisa will need to check the email address they submitted during their application. Travelers granted entry into Oman generally receive their electronic visa via email in PDF format within 24 hours, although in some cases it may take longer.

Although the visa is electronically associated to a traveler’s current passport number, it is still advisable to print out their Oman eVisa, should they be requested to present it at the time of their arrival, or during their stay in Oman.

What can I do If I only have a digital copy of my Oman eVisa?

In the event that a foreign traveler visiting Oman does not carry an Oman visa print document, they may still be granted entry into the country. However, this remains at the discretion of the immigration officer who screens your entry upon your arrival.

Your eVisa is tied to your full name and passport number, so immigration authorities will still be able to access your approved Oman visa electronically. If you do not have an Oman eVisa print, try to find the nearest printer and make sure you at least have the PDF document downloaded on your phone or tablet.

By taking these precautions you should be able to provide the digital version of your eVisa should you be requested to present it to the airline and immigration counter upon arrival.

When Should I Print my electronic Oman Visa?

Once you are granted an electronic visa, government authorities such as border control officers will have digital access to your travel authorization.

However, some airlines might still require proof such as a printed copy of your eVisa, before boarding the plane. This is general information, which does not refer to any airline in particular.

Nevertheless, it is possible that at some point during your trip you may be asked to provide your travel authorization to verify you have the necessary legal requirements to enter the country.

Moreover, it is recommended to have the Oman visa printed out for your personal records. This way, you will always have quick and easy access to your reference number should you need to provide proof of your legal entry to Oman to a third party, such as a hotel.

How Many Copies of My Oman eVisa Print Outs Do I Need for My Trip?

It is advisable to print out multiple copies of your electronic visa just in case you are required to present them at your arrival or during your travels within the country.

As stated above, Omani authorities have access to your digital authorization but airline employees or hotel workers do not. That is why we recommend carrying 3 to 5 paper copies by printing your Oman online visa.

Remember, the first step to visiting this beautiful arab country is to apply for an Oman eVisa online. The process is quick and easy, and visas are usually granted within a 24-hour window, although some applications occasionally may take longer.