unesco world heritage sites oman

The World Heritage Sites of Oman

Oman is a country with a wealth of history stretching back to antiquity. It is not surprising that a number of its buildings, ruins, and forts have been designated as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Visitors to the Sultanate of Oman can go to each of these monuments and experience the history of the nation […]

turtles nesting hatching oman

Turtle Nesting and Hatching in Oman

Watching turtles come ashore to dig holes in the sand and lay their eggs at night is an unforgettable experience, as is seeing the baby turtles hatch and begin their journey towards the ocean. Oman is one of the best places to enjoy turtle nesting and hatching, thousands of turtles visit the country’s beautiful beaches […]

customs regulations oman

Document and Customs Regulations in Oman

Those who travel internationally are familiar with the fact that they must abide by the immigration and customs policies of the country they are entering. Oman is no exception: both those needing an Oman visa and nationals of the Arab state need to respect the local laws when it comes to travel documents and importing […]

oman currency money exchange

Oman Currency: Regulations, Expenses, and Money Exchange

Whether visiting Oman for a diving trip or to conduct business, travelers must be aware of how money, exchange, and currency regulations work in the country. Once a passenger lands in Muscat International Airport, government officials will verify the traveler’s passport to confirm they have the necessary Oman eVisa. Upon entering the country, visitors will […]

driving oman

Driving in Oman: Rules and Advice for Foreigners

Oman is a vast country that offers a variety of landscapes and tourist attractions to foreigners, from coastal towns and waterfalls to mountains and the desert. However, public transport (especially for medium to long distances) may not be as frequent and efficient as some tourists are used to back home. That is why many visitors […]

muscat airport oman

A Guide to Muscat International Airport

Muscat International Airport (formally Seeb International Airport) is the main aviation hub in Oman. The airport is located approximately 10km from the center of Muscat, Oman’s capital city. The airport covers some 13 square miles and is today serviced by 2 runways. It is the largest and busiest airport in Oman. A significant proportion of […]

oman embassy consulate

List of Oman Embassies and Consulates

While a number of foreign nationalities are now able to obtain an Oman visa through a simple online application, those not eligible for an Oman eVisa are still required to submit a visa application in person at an Omani Embassy or Consulate. Oman has diplomatic representation in over 70 countries around the world, including 49 […]

coronavirus oman entry restrictions

Coronavirus Update: Oman Temporarily Suspends All Visas

As part of the worldwide response to the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, restrictions are now in place preventing citizens of foreign countries from traveling to Oman on a tourist visa. The suspension is expected to be a short-term measure implemented to aid containment efforts, and it is hoped that all restrictions will be lifted once […]

guide salalah oman

Salalah Tourism: a Comprehensive Guide for Foreign Visitors

The second largest city in Oman, Salalah is a unique location, different from what tourists are used to in the Sultanate and the whole Arabian Peninsula. It’s truly an unmissable Omani destination. Salalah is famous for its natural beauty made of lush vegetation, waterfalls, and stunning beaches, but also for its architectural attractions. On top […]

extend renew oman visa

How to Extend a Visa for Oman

  Oman tourism is on the rise: over 3 million international tourists entered the country in 2018. While the Gulf area is expecting to see a 54% growth in Chinese arrivals by 2030, Oman is opening itself up to all foreign tourism by granting electronic visas to visitors from over 100 countries worldwide. An electronic […]