What Happens if I Exceed the Permitted Stay of my eVisa in Oman?

overstaying evisa oman

Those who travel to Oman for a holiday have a wealth of both natural and historic attractions to discover, and is it now easier than ever to visit the country now that the Oman electronic visa has been implemented. Eligible citizens are now able to complete the simple Oman eVisa application form to receive an approved online visa for Oman via email, eliminating the need to apply from an embassy or consulate.

From the wide range of historic fortresses and palaces, to the crystal-clear waters of the coastline, to the numerous extensive rocky caverns and canyons, there is plenty to explore in Oman. So much, in fact, that many travelers lose track of time in the country and accidentally overstay their eVisa in Oman. Read on to discover the penalty for overstaying a visa in Oman, and how to avoid complications during your stay.

How Long Can I Stay in Oman with an eVisa?

The requirements for the eVisa to Oman involve selecting the amount of time and number of entries that the traveler requires for their stay. During the application process, it is necessary to select the required eVisa type from one of the following:

  • Single entry, valid for a stay of up to 10 days
  • Single entry, valid for a stay of up to 30 days
  • Multiple entry, allows a total combined stay of 30 days in Oman, valid for one year
  • Single entry for residents of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, valid for a stay of up to 28 days

Applicants should carefully consider which type of eVisa bests suits their needs before making their choice, as it will not be possible to change the allowed stay or number of entries once the eVisa has been granted. Those who do wish to change the conditions of an approved Oman eVisa will be required to submit an application for a new eVisa.

Penalties for Overstaying a Visa in Oman

Those with an approved online tourist visa for Oman are required to stick to the conditions specified on the visa document in order to avoid a penalty for overstaying. While not as strict as some counties who penalize overstayed visa holders with jail time or travel bans, Oman does enforce monetary penalties for those with an overstayed Oman eVisa.

The penalty for overstaying an eVisa in Oman is 10 Omani Rials ($26) per day past the expiration date of the visa. It will be necessary for those with an overstayed Oman visa to pay any outstanding fines at the airport before being allowed to leave Oman.

Previously, the penalties for overstaying the eVisa for Oman were even higher, at 20 Omani Rials or $52 per day of the overstay. However, this was brought down to a lower fine in order not to discourage tourists from visiting the country.

How to Extend an Overstayed eVisa in Oman

Penalties for overstaying an eVisa in Oman are not inevitable. If the traveler thinks there is a chance they may overstay the permitted number of days in Oman, it is possible to extend the period of stay while in the country and before the visa validity expires.

In order to extend the period of stay with the eVisa, it is necessary for the applicant to apply for an extension from an immigration office in Oman in person. The extension of stay granted is usually the same as the period of stay permitted with the original eVisa.

So, when completing the Oman visa form, remember that is essential to choose the correct type of eVisa you will require for your stay. If you do require an extension, don’t forget to renew the eVisa before it expires in order to continue enjoying your stay in Oman and avoid the hassle of having to pay fines when you leave.